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    Living for You

EP is the result of hard work over a period 2 years in the face of many challenges and constraints.

It is the grace of God that we could accomplish this.

This EP is an expression of Jeriel’s journey of growing relationship with God. The lyrics and the melodies of the songs have a depth which is beyond her age. These songs were all written by over a period of six months before she turned 16.
None of the songs on this EP are a result of Jeriel sitting down to write a song. She received each of these songs supernaturally. Occasionally a whole song – lyrics, melody and music – would be given to her in a dream. Other times, a melody would be revealed to her in a dream and the lyrics follow in a day or two by a download of impressions in her heart. It happened the other way round as well. God always chose the time and the method of giving her revelation. Some of the lyrics and melodies were received, humanly speaking, at most inconvenient times; while she is trying hard to concentrate on her studies or when she preparing for a test or exam.

On seeing the depth in the lyrics and melody, the family felt very strongly that the sounds of heaven should be released on earth in the season they are supposed to be released.